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“As an athlete, I've been accustomed to compromising on my taste for my health. SANA's peach is a go to during and after my workouts. Not only does it provide me with the sweet taste of peaches but also gives me the energy to keep going even when the training session feels overwhelming. The mushrooms in their new coffee helped lock me in court with total focus and longevity. Changed the way I consume coffee”

Aryaman Adik, Athlete

Absolutely love the addition of rosemary in the peach, it is such a unique flavour addition and to my surprise works so well with the peach! also the ideal mixer for a mocktail and cocktail, with the slightest amount of tonic water; a great skinny drink!

Soumya Shinde, Chef

We Put The FUNC In Our Functional Beverages

Fuel your day with functional excellence! Our Functional Drinks deliver a boost of energy and essential nutrients in every drop.

Cognitive Function + Mushroom Power

Hair + Skin Care & Natural Pain Relief

Sustained Energy + Mood Boost

Hydration + Caffeine Free Energy from Shrooms

Sustained Energy + Cognitive Function

Aids Digestion & Weight Loss

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