2024's Power Sips: Top 3 intraworkout Boosters to Amp Your Game

2024's Power Sips: Top 3 Intraworkout Boosters to Amp Your Game

Top 3 drinks to boost your intraworkout performance in 2024:

As we ease into our new year workout routines, building towards our resolutions, it’s normal to feel a dip in motivation. While motivation may ebb and flow, discipline is the key to actualizing our goals. 

A crucial aspect of maintaining this discipline is ensuring we have the right fuel to power our workouts and recovery. This is where the right choice of beverages comes into play. Not just any drink, but those specifically formulated to enhance performance, endurance, and recovery. 

In this list, we explore the top 3 beverages that can help keep you motivated and disciplined - in turn helping you actualize your wellness goals in 2024. These drinks are not just refreshments; they are tools in your fitness arsenal, designed to propel you towards peak performance and optimal health.

Let's dive into the best options available this year to keep you on track and in top shape.

Drink 1: Water with Natural Electrolytes / Salts

While we all know the importance of hydration, especially during a workout, oftentimes we neglect the need to balance our electrolytes alongside replenishing our fluids. When we sweat we not only lose water but we also lose electrolytes, especially sodium and chloride. Sodium and chloride are both found in salt and can be easily added along with a drop of lime to make an easy at-home electrolyte drink. 

However if you’re looking for the perfect intra workout ergogenic aid, then look no further than S.AN.A’s Bluepea + Coconut Water hydration beverage. This caffeine free beverage is the best workout drink for during your workout. It contains natural electrolytes from coconut water and pink salt, alongside focus enhancing Blue Pea flowers. The addition key ingredient citric acid which has shown to break down lactic acid, improves the efficiency of muscle training. 

Drink 2: S.AN.A’s Not Just Coffee

In the quest for finding the top beverages to elevate intraworkout performance in 2024, S.AN.A’s Not Just Coffee is an ideal choice. This unique, 100% natural blend transcends any typical energy drink experience by combining cold-brew arabica coffee with L-theanine and L-tyrosine. The addition of amino-acids alleviates the common physiological side effects associated with caffeine. That means you can enjoy your coffee without jitters, anxiousness and an elevated heart rate. 

What sets Not Just Coffee apart is its special 48-hour steep and signature filtration techniques, resulting in a smooth brew with low acidity. This process makes it ideal for consumption during a workout.

But the true game-changer in this beverage lies in its infusion of Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps Mushrooms. These ingredients synergize to provide sustained energy and enhanced focus, categorizing Not Just Coffee as a top-tier ergogenic and nootropic aid. Pink salt further enhances its use as an intra workout drink by aiding in fluid replenishment. 

Savor this innovative blend and experience a noticeable uplift in your intraworkout performance.

Drink 3: Amino Acid Blends

While many pre-workouts already contain amino acids, and many people already consume BCAA it actually turns out that neither of these options contain the right dosage or types of amino acids to give you the intended (workout) boost or benefits. Most BCAAs contain three amino acids in varying quantities (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine), usually with Leucine being the highest quantity of the three. While these amino acids have shown to help with workouts, the studies still vary on overall effectiveness. Additionally most BCAAs contain high amounts of artificial colours, sweeteners and flavours - making them an unsavory option for people looking to improve their overall health. 

A better option would be to consume a blend of essential amino acids in addition to citrulline malate. This would provide a mix of amino acids including BCAAs and would help with overall wellness. If you’re interested in learning more about amino acids, message us on Instagram and we can help create your ideal blend!

Now Let’s Answer some FAQs: 

  1. What ingredients should I look for in an intraworkout drink?

While it is a matter of personal preference as well as individual objectives, essentially looking for a drink which is helpful for hydration, meaning it contains water and electrolytes as well as some fast digesting carbs could improve workout performance. Additionally amino acid blends will definitely help, while BCAAs are the most common, look for Essential Amino Acids or EAAs instead for better effectiveness. 

  1. Can intraworkout drinks improve my endurance?

Yes, they most certainly can help sustain endurance. Through their effectiveness in hydration and ability to replenish nutrient levels, they increase overall endurance during any prolonged workouts.

  1. Are there caffeine-free intraworkout drinks?

Of course there are caffeine-free intraworkout drinks and they can be as effective as caffeinated ones. If you’re looking to improve your workout without the side-effects of caffeine then look for drinks that contain amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to give you that perfect boost. 

  1. How often should I sip an intraworkout drink?

Make sure to sip it gradually through your workout to prevent overconsumption - essentially a sip after every set will help you keep a nice pace and also push you through any intraworkout slumps in energy.

  1. Can intraworkout drinks cause side effects?

While they are considered to be generally safe, overconsumption of caffeine or sensitivity to ingredients like artificial sweeteners can cause an upset stomach, jitters or a general uneasiness.