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A Soft Drink Subscription With Dash Water Makes Staying Stocked Up On Our Delicious Drinks Easy.

You’ll Be Able To Choose How Often You’d Like To Receive A Dash Box, Whether That’s Every 14 Days, 30 Days Or 60 Days, So That There’s A New Box Just When You’ve Finished Your Last.

Sparkling Water Subscriptions Start At Just £12.79, Saving You 20% Off Every Order With Free Delivery.

And What Better Way To Stock Your Fridge Than With A Zero Calorie, Zero Sweetener And Zero Sugar Drink That’s Made With All-Natural Ingredients?

Flexible Subscriptions You Can Change At Any Time

No Commitment, You Can Cancel Or Pause Your Soft Drink Subscription Anytime. There’s Always The Option To Switch Flavours Too, So You Can Try As Many Dash Drinks And Flavours As You Fancy, From Pick And Mix Boxes To Bestselling Flavours Like Mango Sparkling Water. We’re Always Experimenting With New Flavours Too, And Our Subscribers Will Get Early Access To Any New Products.

No-Waste Subscription Boxes With Recyclable Packaging

Here At Sana Health First, We Put The Environment At The Heart Of Everything We Do, From Infusing Our Drinks With Wonky Fruit That Others Reject, To Using Packaging That’s Been Around The Block A Few Times. All Of Our Drinks Are Packaged In Recycled Aluminium Cans, While Our Cardboard Packaging Is Kept To A Minimum.