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About us

Founded at the start of 2021, Săna is India's 1st Holistically Sustainable brand, created to provide people with products beneficial for their health while not compromising on values and ethics en-rooted in our core beliefs. We aim to communicate a conscious approach to living life not only through our content but also through our products. We found a lot of unsustainable methods being used in the existing industry, to produce products marketed to be good for your health but after diving deeper, we learnt that its all a marketing gimmick. We are here to change that. We are 100% transparent with our audience and refuse to compromise on our beliefs.

We hope you do too!

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Meet the team


As a child, AG got diagnosed with Atrial Septal Defect - a hole in his heart. Battling depression and obesity, he developed an unhealthy addiction to video games, leading to a seizure at 14. Six months later, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and was put on medication.

Something had to change.



Kindness. Discipline. Adaptability. These are key principles that helped Jaiman overcome an extremely disruptive, unsustainable cycle.

JK's core focus is Social Sustainability, the most important of the 3 pillars.